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Vacation Rental Property Marketing Services

Marketing your short-term rentals is an important part of growing your vacation rental business. Our marketing services will help you get your home in front of more potential guests to get you more bookings but not add to your to do list.

Stop Looking. Start Booking.

You know marketing your vacation rental business is important to grow your business. But who has time for all the things that are involved in it? That’s just more stuff you have to do. And how do you even know if any of it is working? Why not hire a team of experts to help you with your marketing? Here are the marketing services that we offer. 

Vacation Rental Social Media Marketing

Bookfull is here to make property management as easy for you as possible and that includes
marketing your business. Today, social media is key component to a successful marketing plan
to reach your potential guests. Want to get on Instagram but don’t know how?
Or you know how to use social media but don’t have the time? We can help.

What’s included:

Content Development

Creating the perfect graphics and always thinking of captions that engage your guests on social media is daunting. We will create and schedule captions and graphics for your business’ social media to be posted 3-5 times a week. With Bookfull’s social media service we create content for Instagram and repurpose that content to be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Hashtag Research

Hashtags are used as a search tool for social media and using the appropriate hashtags for your short-term rental is important part of a good social media marketing strategy. Bookfull will do personalized hashtag research for your business and find out which 30-50 hashtags will boost your social media content. 

Gain followers

Posting on social media means nothing without followers but growing that following is tedious and time consuming. Whether you need 10k followers to unlock the Swipe Up in Instagram or just want continuous follower growth, Bookfull can help. We’ve got the best team to get you there.

Inquiry Management

Inquiries for your vacation rentals flood your inbox at all times of the day. People are making vacation plans 24/7
and generally the first to get back with them gets the booking. When’s a manager supposed to sleep?
Responding to inquiries quickly not only increases the likelihood of getting the booking but it also increases you rank-ability
within OTA algorithms. So responding in a timely manner is uber important. But your personal life and sleep are important too.
With Bookfull’s Inquiry Management service don’t miss out on Inquiries and possible bookings after hours.
Our team of customer service representatives can monitor your inbox and are available to respond to possible guests questions
and other Inquiries so that you never have to lose a booking because you weren’t there to answer after hours!
Contact us for more information on pricing and details on how to be a part of our Beta group.

Online Travel Agent (OTA) Listing Review

Online Travel Agent (OTA) Listing Review


Are booking sites like Airbnb, Homeaway and VRBO are your main source of bookings? Make your listing stand out to catch the attention of your guests and convert them into reservations! But how can you be sure if you’ve leveraged all of your tools to make it stand out, or that you even know how to? Let our marketing team conduct a listing review! We will review your listings to make sure your properties are standing out in the best way possible and grabbing the attention of guests scrolling through search results to get you more bookings.

Revenue Management


Pricing your vacation rental per night is a delicate balance between getting as much revenue as you can without being overpriced to where no one books. With Bookfull’s Revenue Management have our team of experts analyze your marketing data and discover the optimal price per room per night to charge so that you maximize your revenue! Make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter so you will be the first to know when this service is available.

Revenue Management

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