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We will support you and all short-term vacation rental owners with our last breath against unfair policies and rules. In addition to making sure Bookfull helps you stay compliant with all local laws by storing and displaying all your legal information for each rental unit, we are committed to fighting for fair treatment of vacation rental owners everywhere.

Regulations and Ordinances

Templates and Checklists

We know how hard it is to run a business and fighting to keep it going. As we grow we will be developing templates and checklists that help you run a more efficient business. Check out our Tools page where you can get all our checklists go to tools and templates

Contact Your Representatives

To make real change happen we have to get involved. That can be hard because we don’t know who to reach out too. We’re working on a comprehensive list of representatives for each state so you know who you need to contact. We’re working state by state and it takes some times. In the meantime check out our blog for all the latest industry news and best practices. List of Representatives , Sample letter to send your representative

Important Links

The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) has some quality advocacy tools about various issues that we encourage you to take advantage of:

What We Stand For

We Believe:

  • Anyone renting their property anywhere in the United States should be subject to the same taxes and regulations as a Bed & Breakfast or Hotel. No more. No Less.

  • Anyone renting their property anywhere in the United States should be subject to the same safety rules as defined by local authorities (i.e. Fire Marshall, etc.) No more. No less.

  • Anyone renting their property anywhere in the United States should have to receive the same level of business license or permit as local Bed & Breakfasts. No more. No less.

Municipalities shouldn’t be getting involved in this issue. If you live under the rules of an HOA, that’s different, you agreed to live in that neighborhood and must abide by those rules.

Additionally, we are providing you with some more specific tools. Below you will find links to download sample letters/emails you can send to your local councilmen and women and state representatives arguing for the fair treatment of vacation rentals.

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