Extra Tools and Services

While Bookfull is and always will be free, sometimes we work with third parties to provide you the best resources to grow your business and compliment everything you can do with Bookfull. So, we offer some extras to add to your experience with Bookfull…some “premiums” if you will.

Why Bookfull is Free

With third party services come third party prices, which means while the feature is free to use in Bookfull, our partner’s service amay not be. Some integrations like channel management and travel/damage insurance you have the option to connect to partner who’s services are not free. But in true Bookfull form, we want to make it as easy as possible so that you are having to keep up with all your different accounts. If you sign up for a partner that has fees, you see a charge from Bookfull and pay those partners on your behalf. No service fees added from our end.

Channel Management Integration with Rentals United

List your rentals on all of the major booking websites, but don’t give them the power. We’ve teamed up with Rentals United to offer you access to listing sites like HomeAway and VRBO while still using our software to get more direct bookings for your property.

We’ve made pricing simple – it’s a flat monthly fee of $4.95 per unit. For example, if you have 5 units and choose Rentals United as your channel manager you will be charged $24.75 ($4.95×5) per month. If you add a new property and connect it to the channel manager your monthly fee goes to $29.70 ($4.95×6). The same applies if you decrease you units.

Payment processing for everyone

Our payment processing partner, nuvei, offers services in North America, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. The processing fee is 2.95% with a $0.10 per transaction fee and a $10.00 Monthly Statement Fee.

We also offer connections with Authorize.net, PayPal and Stripe (coming soon).

Travel and Damage Insurance with Rental Guardian

We get it, life happens. So be prepared! Do your guests need to be insured? Want to require rental damage protection on your properties? We can help with that. It’s an optional feature in Bookfull and we’ve partnered with Rental Guardian to provide you and your guests the best protection out there.

  • Travel protection: Your guests can cover the cost of their trip with two insurance options. Full coverage cancellation for any reason with up to a 100% refund (US travelers only, excluding NY and WA), or cancel with restrictions and get up to 75% back.
  • Rental damage protection: Rental Guardian charges a standard fee that applies to bookings in the US and Internationally to cover any damages that occur while your guests are staying on your property.

Travel and damage insurance is optional for you but we do highly recommend it. It’s no charge to you as the manager but you can offer it to your guests. When signing up you will pick Bookfull as your software provider and there is a training to go through. But if you have any questions about these services, please reach out to Rental Guardian at Sales@RentalGuardian.com.

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