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Short-Term and Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Why did you buy a vacation home and then decide to rent it out? Sounded fun at the time didn’t it? But there’s always so much to do to keep up, and if you want to keep the calendar full you need to sync your rental listing with all the OTAs out there. Stop the Chaos.

With Bookfull, syncing reservation channels has never been simpler.

We get it. It’s a pain in the … wrist to manually update your availability and property info across all of your accounts. Can’t you just update it once and be done? You bet! With the Bookfull’s vacation rental channel manager, that’s all you need to do. Make your updates once in Bookfull, and all of those reservation sites are synced …*drumroll*.. automatically.

Free Vacation Rental Property Management Software | Bookfull

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Imagine pulling up to a hotel in the age before the internet. The vacancy sign is blazing a warm welcome against the cold, dark night. You unload the car and head to the lobby with the family and a big smile on your face. But they’re all booked up—and the next stop is 50 miles down the road.

That smile quickly fades, and you swear off that hotel chain for life! When it comes to booking vacation properties in today’s world, the internet is the highway and popular booking sites are your vacancy sign. Don’t anger your guests with incorrect information. Use an online channel manager for vacation rentals to make updating unit availability a snap!

A Growing Channel Network

The Bookfull channel manager network is continually expanding. We’re partnering with the most popular booking channels to help make vacation property management easier than ever. Multiple channels? No problem. We’ve got options.

Bookfull's Direct Connections

Bookfull has direct 2-way syncing with several major booking sites. These connections are free for you to use. In the Channel Manger section of the platform you click the booking site you want to connect to, login to your account and map your rooms and units to the corresponding room in the channel. And off you go.

Currently we direct connect with:

Free Vacation Rental Property Management Software | Bookfull

Rentals United Integration*

If you market on a booking site that we do not direct connect with we have partnered with Rentals United so you’re covered. Not only can you connect to all the channels you need but you also get our wholesale pricing for their services. We’ve made it simple for you (and us)! You pay $4.95 per unit per month. Bookfull does an automatic payment each month based on the number of units you have connected so you can take advantage of our wholesale pricing and we take care of the rest. With the Rentals United connection you get access to over 60 channels.

  • Abritel


  • Agoda


  • clickstay


  • everystay


  • fewo-direkt


  • Flat4day


  • flipkey


  • glampinghub


  • Hellohere


  • HomeAway


  • Homelidays


  • hometogo


  • hostelword


  • house trip

    house trip

  • Magicstay


  • Misterb&b


  • Tripvillas


  • Tuivillas


  • Vrbo


  • Waytostay


Connect to over 60 different channels with Rentals United. You can view all of Rentals United connections here.

* While our software platform is free, fees for third party partners may apply, i.e. credit cards fees and preferred partner channel management fees.

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