How to Simplify Your Vacation Rental Check-in Procedures

Being a great vacation rental host means giving your guests an enjoyable experience at your property. While their experience starts long before they check-in, getting them into your property seamlessly is incredibly important! But how do you make your vacation rental check-in procedures easy for them? It’s as simple as these 3 tips!

Leave no room for questions

It’s so important to be detailed with your instructions when it comes to check-in at your vacation rental property! The more details you provide, the less inclined your guests will be to ask the obvious questions. Keep a document of frequently asked questions and every time you get a new question, add it to that document. Then send that to your guests as part of their welcome packet as part of your vacation rental check-in procedure.

Make sure to send them an email before their check-in time with all of the information they’ll need to get settled in. Provide them with any directions or details on how to get to your vacation rental if it can be hard to find. Also, include FAQs or in-depth descriptions of how to access the property so there is no confusion.

Communication is key

Even when you give all of the details in the world, there will still be a guest who asks questions about what you have already explained. While frustrating, it’s part of the job. This means that you need to be available! The difference between a bad or glowing review is guest confusion. The easy way to avoid this? Be a good communicator. Make your vacation rental check-in procedures incredibly clear, and be easily reachable by phone, text, or email for guests during check-in times.! Try to get an ETA from your guests so that you can let them know your availability and that if they are coming in at midnight, for example, you may not be available.

Invest in smart home technology

One thing that will make your guests’ check-in easy is smart home technology! Keyless entry is a no-brainer and will allow guests to check-in without needing you to meet them at the property. If you use keyless entry at your vacation rental, make sure you give detailed instructions on how to use it. They are all slightly different and your guests will appreciate when you are clear about which buttons to hit, how to lock it behind them, and if they’ll need to use an app to access it. For more information on smart home technology, check out this article!

You want your guests’ experience to be enjoyable for them and easy for you. Why not make sure this happens by streamlining your vacation rental check-in procedure so that it ensures a positive experience for everyone involved? Have any other tips to make the check-in process easier? Let us know in the comments!

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