How to Use Vacation Rental Reviews to Your Advantage

It’s no secret that we all want good reviews of our businesses, positive affirmation is a great motivator for any entrepreneur! But what else are good reviews for? You get the five stars, but now what? Let’s dive deeper into what you should do after the stars roll in and how to use vacation rental reviews to get more direct bookings.

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Why Use Vacation Rental Reviews to Your Advantage? 

Other than the obvious reasons like a good brand image, for example, there is one really exciting reason for leveraging good reviews of your vacation rental. The relationship between demand/pricing and good ratings. Studies show that an increase in good reviews increases your demand, therefore, giving you the ability to increase rates. “Specifically, a one-point improvement in a five-point rating scale can result in a hotel having up to an 11 percent increase in room rates, all while maintaining the same occupancy rate and market share”. The more in-demand your vacation rental is, like a hotel, the more people are willing to pay. When a vacation spot is cool and hip, people are more inclined to want to visit. Good reviews give your vacation rental that higher demand! So how do you use them in your vacation rental marketing?

Feature Them in Email Marketing

Your email list (if you have one, and you should), is full of people who either stayed with you or have an interest in doing so. For those who have stayed on your property, adding your reviews to your email marketing will remind them of how awesome it was! For those who haven’t made a booking yet, a review shows them what they’re missing out on! Have a section of your weekly email that features what good things your guests are saying about your place! People often trust the words and opinions of ‘regular people’ more than the marketing messages of a brand or the words of an influencer. Showcasing good reviews helps create trust in your vacation rental business and is just one of many ways to leverage good reviews to your advantage!

Two Words: Social Media

Millennials have the strongest buying power of all generations right now, and Gen Z isn’t far behind! Millennialspending in the United States will grow to $1.4 trillion” in 2020, which means you’d be crazy not to market towards them! One of the best ways to reach Millennials and Gen Z’ers is through the power of social media. They love using social media to find vacation destinations and the hot spots to stay! Use good reviews in graphics and captions to show potential guests how much people love to stay with you! “The goal should be to create positive buzz, to be talked about by Millennials” says accenture. This is a great way to encourage bookings and again, build trust with possible vacationers.

Feature Reviews on OTAs

Just as Millennials and Gen Z’ers love social media, they also look to OTAs like Airbnb to make plans for their travels. Leveraging good reviews to your advantage when you are a vacation rental means filling up your listings with all of those stars! Did someone say your cabin was “a breath of fresh air and the perfect place to getaway”? Highlight that in your listing! Show OTA scrollers that staying with you is the best option for their dream vacation! Read more on how to stand out on crowded OTAs here.

So now that you know why leveraging good reviews to your advantage is important and how to use them in your vacation rental marketing, don’t waste any time. If you need help getting those good reviews in the first place, check out this article now! It’s time for you to start marketing your vacation rental for what it is- an amazing place to stay. Show your potential guests why staying with you is the key to having the best vacation of their lives!

Download Your How to Use Reviews Checklist Here

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