How to Manage A Vacation Rental So That Your Calendar is Full But Your Plate Isn’t

Have you ever wondered how to manage a vacation rental but don’t know where to begin? How many motivational articles have you read over the years that promote quotes like, “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” (Estee Lauder) or “Good things happen to those who hustle.” (Anais Nin)? Let’s bring this back to reality, ok? Working hard does NOT equal doing it all yourself. Delegating the things you don’t like or don’t know how to do is part of working hard. But, also, working smarter. Let’s dive into some tips on how to better delegate for your vacation rental business.

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Track Everything You Do

So, how do you manage a vacation rental? First thing, first. You need to take a few days to a week to diligently track everything you do on paper. There are two reasons for doing this. First, this will help you identify where you are wasting your time and help to get rid of time wasters altogether. Second, now you have a list, so you can figure out what tasks are good to delegate and what you really should do yourself.

When it comes to work tasks, there are three things you can do – you can do the task yourself, hire someone to do it, or not do it at all. Making a list of your tasks will help you categorize them into these three areas.

Know-How to Communicate

Everyone has different communication styles. When delegating tasks and projects, make your expectations and deadlines clear. For example, if you need your property cleaned tomorrow don’t start your email to your housekeeper saying, “Hi, when you get a chance can you clean 123 Main St.” When you get a chance is not a clear expectation that your deadline is in fact tomorrow. Know what you want and when you want it and say just that.

Find the Right Tools or People

Technology has come a long way and you can find software to do just about anything you want. But, it’s important to find the right tool for you. The same goes for hiring help as well. Yes, you do need a minimum set of skills but most job skills can be taught, and getting along and working well with a person can’t. Find the right tool or person for specific projects.

Stay Out of the Way

If you’ve ever found yourself googling “how to manage a vacation rental” you may be a hard worker who wants to get things done the right way. While this is great, you have to be careful. No one likes a micromanager. Once you determine that you are delegating a project or task, communicate clearly your expectations and deadline and then get out of the way. If one of your expectations is a weekly check-in on the progress of a project then make that expectation clear and follow up on that deadline. Don’t look over everyone’s shoulder to make sure they are doing it the way you would do it. Of course, be accessible and available for questions and needs, but otherwise, let people do their job.


This gets overlooked far too often. Once your project is completed, celebrate. Celebrate that it’s done and that your team has worked hard to complete it. And then celebrate again for the success of a job well done. We spend the majority of our lives working so we need to have a little fun while we’re doing it. Heck, celebrate because it’s a Tuesday. It doesn’t matter. Show appreciation to those that are helping you move your ideas and dreams forward.

Delegating can be hard if you are passionate about a project or, in some cases, a control freak. But you can’t do it all. You can start off doing it all, but eventually, you will burn out from the stress of doing everything, so get some help or give things up. In the meantime, we’ve put these tips into a printable that you can put on your wall to remind you how you can be a better delegator.

Download Your Delegation Cheatsheet Here

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