How to Prepare Your Vacation Rental For Children

Family vacations are ever-present in the world of travel, which means, as a vacation rental property manager/owner, you have to prepare for them. It happens, an excited family packs themselves into their minivan and settles into your property for the week. With them, the youngest of the crew, a curious toddler ready to explore. Preparing your vacation rental for children is important not only for safety but for your guests’ experience while staying on your property. When you prepare for all types of guests, they will notice that you put effort into making their stay as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. And, with that, comes good reviews, repeat guests, and new guests too! So, don’t lose bookings over something as simple as preparation. Here are some great tips on preparing your vacation rental for children.

Download Your Preparing for Children Checklist

Stock Your Kitchen

Families want to feel the ease and comfort of being at home while on vacation. This means that there’s a good chance they’ll want to save some money on food expenses and cook meals in your vacation rental. Have a fully stocked kitchen so that parents can make their kids’ favorite meals while they’re away from home! With that being said, a fully stocked kitchen needs to be properly childproofed as well. When preparing your vacation rental for children, make sure that safety measures are taken to prevent dangerous accidents. Put knob covers on the stove, childproof locks on cabinets and drawers with potentially dangerous tools, etc. This takes some stress off of the parent’s shoulders and gives them one less thing to worry about so they can relax while on vacation.

Re-asses Your Decor

If it can break easily, you probably don’t want it in your child-friendly vacation rental. When preparing your vacation rental for children, it’s best to put away the fine china, vases, and expensive, fragile decor. Think about practical furniture for guests with children, for example, you probably won’t want high top chairs and tables in the dining area or a glass coffee table in the living room. When it comes to preparing for accidents, if you think it could happen, there’s a good chance it will.

Prepare for Messes

Children are messy, no matter how hard you try, a spill, a fall in the mud, an accident, or something else is bound to happen. Prepare your vacation rental for the inevitable! Have a functioning washer and dryer in your vacation rental to make cleaning up messes that much easier on parents. On top of a washer/dryer set up, it’s also smart to have proper cleaning supplies available (but out of reach to children) at your property. Anything you can do to take some stress off of your parent guests will come back to you in good reviews and repeat bookings!

Think of the Kids in Your Welcome Packet

As we’ve talked about before, your vacation rental welcome packet is super important to your guests’ experience. Include some suggestions for kid-friendly outings and attractions in your city, as well as any restaurants with child approved menus. Also, include the passwords to your wifi and any streaming services like Netflix, you may have. This will let parents wind down after a busy day and give the kids something to occupy their attention! For more tips on vacation rental welcome packets, check out this blog post.

Putting in extra thought for your guests’ experience will only help your vacation rental’s reputation, and in return, get you more bookings! From your decor to your welcome packet, preparing your vacation rental for children can go a long way when it comes to guest satisfaction. Download our preparing your vacation rental for children checklist here

Download Your Preparing for Children Checklist

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