How to Market Your Vacation Rental Internationally

attracting international travelers to your vacation rental

Marketing is a beast  to tackle, especially for small businesses. How do you compete with big brands with big budgets? Taking it to the international level can be overwhelming but what if you want guests from all over the world to stay at your property? Attracting international travelers to your vacation rental requires its own marketing plan (scary, I know). International marketing, while intimidating at first, boils down to 4 things and if you approach your international marketing plan with these tips, you are sure to get more bookings from international guests. So, fret no more! Here are 4 tips for marketing your vacation rental internationally.

Know Where to Go

It’s not secret that we all love to travel to places drastically different from that of where we live. Those who live in colder northern climates want  to visit warm beaches. Americans typically like to vacation in Mexico and Europe and according to traveller.com, “after Hong Kong and Macau, the most popular destination for Chinese travelers in 2017 was Thailand, with almost 10 million visits”. To properly market your property internationally, and for attracting international travelers to your vacation rental, it’s important to understand what region is most likely to visit your destination. Don’t try to market to every country in the world, pick the one that is most likely to visit your area.

With that being said, you should do some research on where the tourists in your area come from. Knowing this information will allow you to tailor marketing to those travelers who are already interested in visiting your city. When you know where your potential guests are from you can understand what marketing tools work for them! Take time to learn what attracts them, what convinces them to spend their money, and what marketing channels they are most likely to be on.

Use the Right Strategies

There are many marketing strategies and techniques you can use for attracting international travelers to your vacation rental. Think about what channels are popular in the area you are marketing to. Is there a magazine everyone reads? A social media platform that is all the rage? Is there a blog or website everyone keeps up with? An influencer that this specific demographic would listen to? Take advantage of what is popular and fits to your desired international market. In today’s world of digital everything, marketing to international guests is easier than ever!

When attracting international travelers to your vacation rental, take advantage of modern tools. Social media is huge, and with the right content, you can appeal to guests all over the world! Try to create campaigns, ads, and posts that connect with your desired international market. Appeal to what they look for in a vacation, and use the tools that allow you to reach them the easiest!

For example, let’s say your property is an enchanting villa on the Amalfi Coast. This is a very popular destination for suburban American newlyweds. A great marketing strategy to attract them would be to run Pinterest ads targeted to suburban areas in the US. Take high quality photos of your property and the beautiful Italian views. Show your potential guests that your property is perfect for a honeymoon getaway! Anything you can do to relate to and fulfill the desires of your target market is going to make your international marketing that much more successful.

Consider Language Barriers

When marketing to a foreign country, it is always important to keep in mind any language barriers that you may run into. If you plan on running ads in another country, make sure your translation is correct and means what you intended! For example, when Coca-Cola first went into the Chinese market the brand’s name translated to “bite the wax tadpole”. Use descriptors like distances in meters instead of miles in your listing details to cater to international browsers. Try to avoid using slang or dialect from your country when advertising to or targeting foreign markets, as they may not translate well.

Keep Cultural Aspects in Mind

A lot of people love to travel over holiday seasons, but when those fall may vary from country to country. For example, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, but not everyone does so don’t promote Thanksgiving special rates to the U.K. Think about what the peak travel seasons are for your target market, that way you can focus marketing efforts towards those times! Is it cold in that country during this time and warm at your location? Think about what people in the country you are targeting like to do and see on vacation and focus your marketing on that! For example, “Chinese tourists are now more attracted to outdoor attractions rather than cities” according to Telegraph. If your target market likes nature and your vacation rental has beautiful scenery, play up on that in your marketing efforts with great photos and descriptions!

Marketing can be tough, and attracting international travelers to your vacation rental can seem even tougher. But, when it comes down to it, anyone can market their vacation rental internationally with the right tools and understanding. Get to know who is traveling to your vacation rental destination. Learn all you can about their travel tendencies, and market like crazy to them- it’s that simple! If you still feel like you need more help with marketing your vacation rental, check out this blog post, or sign up for Bookfull marketing services.

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