What to Include in Your Vacation Rental Welcome Packet

Being a vacation rental host is a full-time job. And being a good host is a whole other beast to tackle. How do you take your hosting abilities and guests’ experience to the next level and get those five-star reviews? What do your guests need from you to feel that they’ve been given the best of the best? It can be overwhelming to think about but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on what you need in your vacation rental welcome packet before guests arrive. Follow these tips and it will make their experience (and yours) as seamless as possible.

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Rideshare Information

Within the last few years, rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have taken over the role that taxis used to fill. And with that growth, as we in the Short Term Rental industry know, comes regulations. Some airports like LAX don’t allow ride shares to pick up or drop off at the terminals. Let your guests know if they will have to shuttle to a rideshare spot, and give them any alternatives if possible! With that being said, let them know how long it typically takes to get from the terminal to rideshare, to your property and the other way around. Also, let them know if they should expect up-charges or surges for rides to and from the airport/at certain times. Having this information in your vacation rental welcome packet will make your guests’ experience significantly less stressful, and they’ll thank you for the heads up!

Luggage Drop Off for Guests

Are your guests arriving early in the day, but you can’t allow early check-in? Let them know, but also offer what you can in order to make their early arrival less worrisome. Before their travel day, it’s nice to offer your guests the option to drop off their luggage at the property or your office earlier than their check-in time. This frees them up  (literally) of weight on their shoulders that could be a downer on their first day in your city. Being flexible and offering small accommodations like this are surefire ways to get good reviews!


While many travelers arrive by plane, many chose to drive themselves to their vacation destination or rent a car. With that being said, it’s always a smart idea to let your guests know what the parking arrangements are at your property. Will they need a pass? Will they need proof that they are, in fact, staying on your property? Is there a gate code? Do they have to park in a specific spot? Is there no parking available at all? Will they have to pay? These are all important factors that guests will need to prepare for before they are on your property! Let them know the details ahead of time in the vacation rental welcome packet so they don’t have to stress while staying at your vacation rental.

Map Out Your Property

As a traveler, there is nothing more stressful than finally getting to your destination and not knowing where anything is or how to use it! Before your guests arrive, make sure that you let them know how to get to your rental. This is especially important if it is in a multi-unit building. Let them know how to get into your rental too (keyless entry, where the key is hidden, directions from the parking garage, etc.). Once they’re inside, greet them with a manual of how to’s or commonly asked questions about your rental. Stating this ahead of time eliminates the need to contact you at all hours of the day. It also makes your guests’ experience that much more seamless.

Don’t miss out on getting great reviews for your property because you weren’t prepared before your guests arrived! Download our Vacation Rental Welcome Packet Checklist to be sure you are always prepared!

Download Your Welcome Packet Checklist

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