Using Your Vacation Rental Location to Your Advantage

As we’ve talked about on this blog many times before, marketing is super important to every vacation rental! Selling your property to potential guests in the age of digital everything is the surefire way to get more bookings. Photos, social media, and word of mouth (reviews) are all important to marketing your property, but what else can you do to ensure bookings? Like the old cliche goes, location, location, location are what get people to book. Sell your vacation rental location, and selling your location comes showing guests how to live like a local!

Be Personable

It’s so important these days to assure OTA scrollers that with you, they are going to get a personal and thoughtful vacation experience. Your listing needs to show potential guests that they are going to get benefits and attention from you that other properties won’t give them. What are the best qualities of your vacation rental location and your property? Tell them right away! This will grab their attention and make it more likely for them to book with you. Read more on how to list your property on crowded OTAs here.

Tips Tips Tips

How many times have you visited a popular vacation destination and wished you’d known more about the city before you’d gone? Tell your guests what only locals know! Where to eat, what time to visit attractions, alternative routes, your favorite spots – the whole nine yards! And in your listing, tell them they’ll get a local experience if they book with you. This shows your guests that you care about their experience, not just their money. When they feel cared for, they are more likely to leave good reviews, and book with you again!

Talk Up Your Vacation Rental Location

Is your city voted #1 for something? Do you have world-famous attractions or unique landscapes? Make sure anyone who looks at your listing, website, or social media knows! When your location is proven to be desirable, fun, and popular, it makes selling your property that much easier. “Charleston, SC, the #1 city to visit according to Travel and Leisure Magazine for seven years in a row” sounds a lot more intriguing than “Charleston, SC a beautiful coastal city”, right? Show scrollers how incredible your location is so that they feel like they just HAVE to book with you right then and there.

Picture Perfect

With selling your location online comes the visual aspect. It is important to think about the aspects of your city and property that will make people want to book a stay with you. Make sure your photos capture all of the best parts of your city. Iconic streets and structures, landscapes, popular spots, etc. Particularly if they are near your property. All of these will put your potential guest into the mindset of your city, and allow them to envision themselves staying at your property. Read more on how to take the perfect pictures of your vacation rental location here!

When creating your listings, website, and social media, it is important to think about the ‘what and how’ of getting those bookings! Make sure to upsell your location and prove to guests that you know what you’re talking about. Gain their trust by giving advice only locals would know, from there, you are sure to get good reviews and more repeat guests!

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