Top Productivity Tips from Vacation Rental Industry Experts

Productivity is always a hot topic of conversation, especially when it comes to the workplace. Knowing what to get done in a day, how to get it done, and how much time you have to do it are all pieces of a productive day. But how do we get there? What if you have no clue how to be productive or where to even start? Believe me, we’ve all been there! So I asked some of our team members at Bookfull a few questions about productivity that we think you can swipe and use for yourself. Check out the answers and productivity tips they gave that are sure to help keep you productive in your workplace!

What is a Productive Day?

In order to be productive, you need to know what a productive day looks like for you! Here’s what our employees said that they consider to be a productive day for their job. 

Office manager Jamie said, “when I leave for the day with no pits and use my brain in a strategic way at least 10 times”. Setting goals, like using your brain strategically 10 times, is a great way to motivate yourself to be productive! It keeps you on track, and even makes being productive a little more fun. That way, you are more likely to leave the office with nothing unfinished or intimidating for tomorrow (aka ‘pits’ as Jamie said). Our Product Manager Danni, said “the feeling of accomplishment in my tasks. That doesn’t mean I completed everything on my list, but I completed enough and feel accomplished in the work I did complete!”

Another way to set a goal for yourself that keeps productivity levels up is to know what you expect for each task. Don’t be so strict on yourself that the only way you feel accomplished is by finishing everything. By setting a standard of quality for each of your tasks, even if you don’t complete everything you had on your list, you can still be productive and feel accomplished.

How Do You Stay Productive Throughout the Day?

After you’ve decided what a productive workday looks like for you, its time to identify the “how” you achieve it! Brand Ambassador, Tony, says that keeping a clean working environment helps keep him on track throughout the day. He also swears by cold brew coffee as a surefire way to keep him going and productive. But productivity doesn’t have to look the same for everyone! Danni said, “I get up and walk around, step outside for fresh air, listen to music, and use all my productivity tools”.

On the other hand, Jamie likes to keep a running checklist throughout the day. “CHECK LIST!” She said, “I love a good list and handwriting it with small boxes before each line item”. Director of Marketing, Ronii, agrees. She said “While I keep most things digital, to-dos are one of those things that I love to cross out on paper. Sometimes I write something down I did just so I can cross it off. It makes me feel more accomplished for the day”. So, whether it’s a physical list of what you need to accomplish or tools that encourage productivity, everyone has their own ways of staying on task! You just have to find what works for you.

What Are Your Favorite Tools and Apps for Productivity?

Once you find your sweet spot, maintaining it is your next step! Our team members gave me some productivity tips with tools to stay on track. “I like to keep a tab open for my google calendar so that I can quickly refer back to it and stay on top of things”, Tony said. Easy access to your tasks is a great way to make sure you maintain productivity. Another way to stay productive at work is to use softwares like Jira, Clickup, and Slack like Danni does. Personally, I am a huge fan of the sticky note! I keep a stack at my desk, along with a weekly calendar, so I can quickly write down a task that comes to mind, or needs to be done. I stick them onto my monitor so they’re in sight all day and I can identify which tasks need to be done now or could wait until later.

How Do You Measure Your Productivity?

Measuring how productive you’ve been in a day can be a difficult thing to do. When asked how she measures productivity, Ronii said, “I think my best measure for myself is how I feel at the end of the day. Do I feel accomplished for the day? When I come in tomorrow, will I feel behind because I didn’t get enough done today? I do think that American culture puts a lot of emphasis and “reward” on hustling and the ability to juggle many things at once and always be busy doing things. Personally, I don’t think this makes us productive, I think it makes us stressed out and sick. So, I don’t like to measure my productivity in number of things checked off my list”.

When it comes to measuring your productivity, figure out what metric best suits the tasks you have to complete in a days work. Like Ronii said, it doesn’t have to be crossing off a list or measuring a number. Measuring your productivity can come in the form of the feeling of satisfaction!

Any Other Productivity Tips?

With all of these great productivity tips, I asked my coworkers if there were any other things they would like to add on the topic. Jamie said, “If my inbox is empty by the time I leave for the day, if the pits I had in the morning are gone, and my check list is crossed”. There’s nothing better than leaving the office with an empty inbox- right? Danni says that “everyone should use at least one tool to keep track of their to-dos and buy some blue-light blocking glasses when staring at the computer all day”. While Tony said “keep a neat work environment. Set daily reminders and tasks. Set your own goals so you can feel better about achieving them!” At the end of the day, it may just take trying some of these tips and tools and mixing them up to see what works for you!

Being productive can be difficult, but there are so many resources and techniques to help keep you on task! What are some of your best vacation rental management productivity tips? Leave us a comment and let us know your best tips to staying on track in the office. And make sure to sign up for Bookfull today to keep yourself productive in your vacation rental management!

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