Preventing Property Manager Burnout

Property manager burnout is becoming a virus in the world of short term rentals. No property manager walks into their first day on the job expecting to be burnt out in 2-5 years. They dream of providing an exceptional guest experience, unparalleled guest services, and vacations that families will remember for a lifetime. Being overworked, stressed out and unorganized is never part of the plan. But sadly, it has become a problem in the industry, and for that reason, property managers are leaving faster than they’re coming in. Why? Burnout and exhaustion. So how do you prevent property manager burnout? And how do you set the foundation for a productive and profitable business?

Improve Time Management

One main reason companies see property manager burnout is because employees feel like they have too much to do and not enough time to do it. So, if you are getting this office complaint, pay attention to how much time a day is spent doing each necessary task. If too much time is spent on one particular project, figure out a way to automate the task or find a new way to do it. 

As an owner, it’s important to keep an eye on your interactions with property managers. Be aware of how often you call or email,  how often you schedule meetings or just “pop in” to the office. Helping them use every minute of their day effectively (without making them feel overworked or stressed) is key in helping to prevent burnout.

Clear Their (Career) Path

Another reason the vacation rental industry sees so much burnout in property managers is because they feel like they lack direction. They know what they’re supposed to be doing now but can get frustrated when they don’t have anything to work toward.

It can help to have a serious conversation with your property managers about their 5-year plan and see how it aligns with yours. If you’re on the same page when it comes to their career goals, they’ll know what is expected of them to move to the next level. You’ll have a better idea of how you can help them reach those goals too. This also shows your managers that you are invested in their success with the company and in their career.

Focus On Continued Education

A property manager who has been in the business for a while may seem content in their everyday duties. However, attending classes, workshops, trainings, and seminars may ignite a fire in them that has dulled over the course of their profession. Find classes or courses that you think would interest your property manager. In return, they may benefit your business at the same time. Giving your property manager new information, skills and technology is a great way to keep the job exciting and fresh.

Adopt A System

Systems make the world go ‘round. While many parts of the vacation rental industry need to focus on being personal, others can be automated to save time and money. Ask your property managers which tasks they spend the most time on. See if there is a way to use automation to free up some time in their busy schedules. Outlining clear policies and procedures can also help by taking the guesswork out of everyday tasks. This allows property managers to quickly find solutions for common problems.

Be Generous

Sometimes being a property manager can be a thankless job. It requires exceptional people skills and the ability to manage time, stress and schedules flawlessly. Property managers work hard and can face burnout if they feel like they’re not fairly compensated. Make sure your pay scale is competitive so that your property manager knows all of their hard work is appreciated.

Money isn’t the only thing your property manager wishes you’d give them more of. Recognition goes a long way in any business. Simply acknowledging their hard work and vocalizing your appreciation for them can make them feel valued. Celebrate small victories, remind them of their strengths, compliment them and thank them for working so hard. When an employee feels valued and appreciated, they are much more likely to go the extra mile for their employer. And when they’re valued, they stick around longer. It’s not enough just to be generous on paydays. Find something good about your property manager and their work every day to point out and appreciate. It costs you nothing and can be a game changer in attitudes and work ethic throughout the office.

Offer Flexibility

Employees may face burnout when they feel like they have no control over their job. This goes for their schedule as well. Be flexible and show some understanding when it comes to time off, vacations, and mental health days. Have a system to request days off. Remember that your property manager is a human being first, and an employee second. 

Can you implement telecommuting in your business model? Find ways to incorporate compromise and flexibility into your vision and see how it can dramatically improve employee morale and keep people from feeling burnt out. Allowing flexible work schedules can do wonders in giving your property manager the time they need to feel rested and prevent mental fatigue. And with well rested property managers, comes less and less property manager burnout. 

Provide The Necessary Resources

It’s not fair to expect your property manager to produce high results without the right tools for the job. They’re managers, not magicians. They need to be equipped with the right resources to make the magic happen! Don’t be the owner who prevents their manager from doing their job to the fullest! Provide them with what they need.

Everything including the vacation home management software they’re using should have a central purpose: to make their job easier and keep guests happy. Equip your property manager with the tools and resources they need to do the job well. Don’t know what they need? Ask them!

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