Property Management Software: Choosing the Right One

Choose The Right Vacation Rental Property Management Software

Finding the Right Vacation Rental Software

For a vacation rental property to be successful, a plethora of factors need to be perfected. A well-running rental property needs good housekeeping, strategic marketing, a diligent manager, and most importantly, bookings. Without bookings, your vacation home is just another one of your properties—not a revenue generator. The key to profit? Staying organized, efficient, and on top of your reservations. To do that, you need a solid vacation rental property management system that is easy to access, is compatible with your favorite business tools, keeps all of your reservations organized— and more. So how do you find the perfect vacation rental property management software? Don’t stress— we’re here to help!

The Run Down on Vacation Rental Property Management Software

Finding the management software that’s best for you and your company depends on a variety of factors. Consider how many properties you manage, what other management tools you use (if any), and the simplicity of use for each software you look at. Try to pinpoint exactly what you want the software to accomplish for you. Also, identify how much you are willing and able to spend. Even with all of these factors, one thing is certain: you want a system that keeps your reservations organized and accurate. Look for a platform that reduces the chance of double bookings so you don’t have to constantly check for errors!

Now that you’ve covered the basics, what should your software have that will help boost your bookings? There are five factors a good and effective rental management software must-have…


It’s typical for vacation rental management software to charge a base fee on a monthly or annual basis. Be sure to read the fine print and look out for hidden fees for future software updates, commission on bookings, support fees, cancellation fees or set-up costs. If you’re paying more for your software than you’re making in additional revenue, it’s time to reevaluate your system. You want your vacation rental management system to make earning revenue easier, not drain your budget!

User Friendly Features

Property management gets hectic enough as it is, so don’t add tedious multi-step tasks in software that ties you down. Your vacation rental management software should make it easy to add and edit guest information, update calendars, manage your employees, and above all, get more direct bookings. Ideally, you’ll want your software to be mobile-friendly, because let’s be real, property management is never strictly done at the office. Your software needs to be flexible, just like you are! Property management is the kind of job that keeps you on your toes, no two days are the same, so get a software that can handle it! A vacation rental management software needs to be all about making your life easier so you can make the most out of your time.

It Makes Keeping Track of Funds Simple

You like making money, right? Having a system that helps accounting run smoothly is not only important in earning a profit, but essential to the organization. A great vacation rental software will extend beyond simply taking reservations. The software will be your resource for managing all reservation related funds too. So, your rental booking platform should make it easy to generate quotes, collect payments, send payment reminders and get confirmations. When reporting and tax season comes along, your software should give you all of the insight you need with just a few clicks.

Innovative + Always Evolving

We live in a fast-paced technology forward world where no viable business can afford to be using outdated software. Which means, you need a system that is built using the latest technology and is constantly being improved to stay ahead of the game! A reliable support team to quickly address bugs and system failures is a must. This is because as your business grows, your management software should too.

Enjoyable Management Software

If your rental software is user-friendly and makes converting inquiries into bookings easy, you’re going to enjoy using it. Enjoying the tools you’re using for your job makes your job more fun and way less stressful— who doesn’t want that? A glitchy or poorly designed software that causes you more stress than you already face means it’s time to switch. Great software will be easy on the eyes, easy to understand, and enjoyable to use.

Bookfull Checks All of The Boxes

Managing a vacation rental property is about staying organized and understanding all of the working parts that create a well-oiled machine. Finding the right tools and resources can make your job immensely easier. Out of all of the decisions you have to make as a property owner or manager, choosing the perfect management software should be at the top of the list.

Bookfull has many features that make short term property management easier on you. Our software helps you easily sync, manage, track and convert reservations. State of the art technology combined with a professional support team and user-friendly controls make Bookfull the easy choice. Did we mention it’s free? Consider all the boxes checked.

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on vacation rental property management software. Try Bookfull today!

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