Vacation Rental Calendars for the Win

Vacation Rental Calendars for the Win

For many areas, the height of vacation season is on the horizon. If you manage vacation rentals, you may be feeling a combination of exhilaration and dread. It’s both your chance to shine and your chance to be buried in work. You can make this upcoming season run more smoothly if you embrace vacation rental calendars for your thriving short-term rental business. With this handy tool, you can maximize your bookings while keeping all other  tasks up-to-date. You’ll have a more successful season and a much better chance of keeping your sanity. 

Keep Your Vacation Rental Calendars in One Place

There are lot of vacation rental calendars out there and many offer you all of the tools you need to keep your operations humming in one platform. You can instantly view all of your reservations, keeping you organized and efficient . You will be able to check on the status of your current bookings and make changes and updates quickly right from the calendar. With just a click of your mouse you can see everything that happening tomorrow or the next day or 300 days from now as well as see everything you have available so that you adjust pricing to get booked full (see what I did there). This will keep you organized and head off possible problems. 

Prevent Double Bookings With Vacation Rental Calendars

Working with major booking channels is good for business but can lead to communication problems when reservations are coming in from all over. Luckily, many vacation rental calendars integrate channel management allowing you to sync with all your OTA  channels such as Airbnb. This makes is so all of your reservations from different channels will be on one calendar. This coordination minimizes double bookings and will save you a huge amount of time.

To stay current with vacation property management, you need the most advanced technology out there. Instilling a vacation rental calendar in your business means you can have all the features you need without the headache. You will be able to book more guests and keep them happier with less effort, and that means more money and less stress for everyone involved.

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