Short Term Rental Ordinances: Fighting for Industry Wide Fair Treatment

We are in this together. You have our promise that we will support you and all short-term rental owners with our last breath against unfair policies and rules. In addition to making sure Bookfull helps you stay compliant with all local short term rental ordinances by storing and displaying all your legal information for each rental unit, we are committed to fighting publicly for fair treatment of vacation rental owners everywhere.

We Believe:

  • Anyone renting their property anywhere in the United States should be subject to the same taxes and regulations as a Bed & Breakfast or Hotel. No more. No Less.
  • Anyone renting their property anywhere in the United States should be subject to the same safety rules as defined by local authorities (i.e. Fire Marshall, etc.) No more. No less.
  • Anyone renting their property anywhere in the United States should have to receive the same level of business license or permit as local Bed & Breakfasts. No more. No less.

Unfortunately, many local ordinances governing vacation rental properties are flawed, overreaching, overtaxing and violate property rights by allowing warrantless searches of private residences.


Get the Facts

In most cases, local elected officials are dealing with a matter of perception, not facts. The perceived problem of short-term rentals includes supposed issues such as trash, parking, parties and more. However, using our home Charleston, SC area as an example, police departments say they have never or rarely receive complaints about vacation rentals. It appears elected officials are taking the word of disgruntled residents over facts.

The “Rent Local” Movement

Short-term rentals are a home run for the local economy, allowing visitors from all over the world experience and spend money in our local communities at restaurants, shops and museums. Even cities that already have an established tourist industry are benefiting from short-term rentals. A study on the effects of the sharing economy in Idaho found a direct correlation between short-term rentals and job creation in the tourism sector. In San Diego, short-term rentals are helping to support 1,842 jobs. Vacation rentals have even helped to raise home values in the entire neighborhood.

We believe that municipalities simply shouldn’t be getting involved in this issue. If your property falls under the rules of an HOA, that’s different. You agreed to buy and/or live in that neighborhood and must abide by those rules. All these short term rental ordinances popping up everywhere are born of fear and/or exploiting a growing business sector.

Short Term Rental Ordinance Resources

The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) has some quality advocacy tools about various issues that we encourage you to take advantage of http://advocacy.vrma.org/page/get-involved

Additionally, we are in the process of creating specific short term rental ordinance tools for you, including sample letters/emails you can send to your local councilmen and women and state representatives arguing for the fair treatment of vacation rentals. Sign up for our weekly emails so you can stay up to date on all the free resources.

What are you experiencing locally that you consider unfair treatment of vacation rentals? We want to hear your stories and your ideas on how we can all work together to fight for fairness. Please start a discussion in the comments below. Together, we can make positive change.

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