Get More Direct Bookings for Your Vacation Home Rental with Instagram

You’ve heard people talk about it, probably even heard it referenced to on the news a few times when there’s a story about a celebrity. You know that Instagram (or the ‘Gram as some refer to it) is a social media platform where kids follow the daily lives of celebrities. This is true, celebrities have made Instagram the go-to social media platform for pop culture gossip but did you know that 60% of users first heard about a new product on Instagram and 30% of them made a purchase? That’s a pretty good conversion rate making Instagram a powerhouse marketing tool. And your vacation rental needs an account. Grab a cup of coffee and watch this comprehensive tutorial about promoting your vacation home rental on Instagram.

Travelers on Instagram

Travelers are using digital media more than ever to plan travel and travel spending averages $1200 per person each year making social media marketing more important than ever to reach guests and increase your direct bookings. Guests are using platforms like Instagram to research and make travel plans. Instagram is more than just pretty pictures and has quickly become a platform for travelers to research and gather information for their next vacation. So developing an audience on Instagram puts your vacation rental top of mind when they go to book that next vacation. 

Your Vacation Home Rental on Instagram

While Facebook is still the most used social media platform in the world, it’s crowded and the only way to get in front of your potential guests is to buy advertising. As a whole, social media is a pay to play marketing tool. You may have noticed that your Facebook page isn’t performing as well as it used too. You have probably even boosted a few posts with no real results. That’s because Facebook is crowded with businesses fighting for customers’ attention. As a result, users are moving to other social media platforms where they have more opportunity to be social with friends, family and brands.

We have put together a comprehensive Instagram Tutorial to help you navigate the platform and get a few hacks to cut down your learning curving on implementing a solid vacation rental home Instagram strategy that will drive more direct bookings and fill your reservation calendar. Grab a notebook and probably a cup of coffee because this tutorial is jammed packed full of tips and tricks to take your Instagram from “Meh” to “Instagrammable”. Watch the webinar here.

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