Should You Invest in Luxury Features For Your Vacation Rental?

Investing in Luxury Features for You Vacation Rental | Bookfull

Short Answer: Of course! 

There are 2 kinds of travelers out there. Price-conscious adventurers that just need a place to lay their head for a few hours in between explorations and the luxury traveler who wants to be surrounded by things nicer than they have at home. Both types are unique and it can be difficult for one property to cater to both. But if you’re willing to invest in a few vacation rental luxury features, your property can be appealing to everyone.

Not so long ago, there was only one option that appealed to the traveler with luxury in mind: high-end hotels that came with a matching price tag. But vacation rentals offer things that hotels can’t always provide, including private space and more family time. There are several ways, both big and small, that you can spruce up your vacation rental property to appeal to the traveler looking for a more luxurious experience. Some upgrades cost more than others, but all of these ideas are memorable touches that will keep your guests rebooking for years to come. 

First, Let’s look at some of the more obvious – and more expensive – investments: 

~ An in-ground pool: Obviously always a winner with vacationers, a private backyard pool is great for couples and families alike. Add a few comfy lounge chairs and your guests will feel they have landed in paradise. 

~ Granite or marble countertops: Stop putting off that kitchen upgrade. Invest in beautiful countertops and cabinetry for your rental. Upgraded surfaces, along with modern stainless steel appliances, give you the option to write “gourmet kitchen” on your property’s description.

~ Fitness equipment: Consider giving up a bedroom or a garage space for a couple of pieces of standard exercise equipment (stationary bike, elliptical machine). Guests who regularly work out will appreciate not having to search for a local gym. 

~ Sauna: An indoor sauna can fit in the corner of a large room and provide a unique piece of opulence to your home, really setting your property apart. All it needs is to be plugged in! 

~ Firepit: Particularly for the cooler months, adding a backyard firepit and seating is a great touch to allow your guests to relax outdoors and still be warm. But, really, who doesn’t love a fire pit? Don’t forget to add a few marshmallow roasting sticks as an extra touch.

~ Outdoor bar: There’s no better place to relax with your group or enjoy a drink than an outdoor bar right in the yard; no need to head to the bar! Some options are less expensive than others, but stock them with glasses, an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, straws, and cocktail stirrers and your guests will turn into Tom Cruise in Cocktail! 

~ King size beds: There aren’t many things that are better than a large, comfortable sleeping space. 

For the property owner with a tight budget, here are some ideas for less expensive but still-luxurious touches to add to your rental home:

~ Coffee: Offer your guests easy access to delicious (and preferably local) coffee with a Keurig and/or Nespresso machine. And stock them with at least one day of gourmet coffee (not the cheap stuff!). 

~ Wine fridge: Even a tabletop version, if you have the counter-space, of a wine fridge is a deluxe touch for your guests.

~ Waterfall: If you already have a pool but want to add a touch of luxury to it, install a waterfall feature. The gentle sound of falling water will lull your guests into a nice poolside nap.

~ Sonos speakers: Everyone loves to listen to their favorite music as they relax, swim, cook, and play games with friends and family. Offer up a wireless speaker or two so that they can play their favorite tunes from their own wireless devices. 

~ Airport transportation: Offer transportation for your guests to and from the airport. Build the cost of the service into your rental price if you have to, but this will make them feel like celebrities being transported to a dream vacation. 

~ Dog treats: If your property is pet-friendly, keep a small jar on the counter filled with treats to make your guests’ furry family members feel welcome too.

~ Babysitting: Offer your guests traveling with children a list of certified babysitters in your area. This costs you nothing but makes them feel like they have a personal concierge for a night out.

~ Luxurious towels and bathrobes: Upgrade your bathrooms with big, luxurious towels that your guests will envy long after they are back home. And a fluffy bathrobe or two in each bathroom is also a nice, inexpensive touch.

~ Flowers: Greet each guest with a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table, and include a welcome note for a little special ‘umph’. 

~ Bicycles and Other Toys: Little extras such as bikes, kayaks, pool toys, sun umbrellas, etc. don’t cost much money to keep stocked in the house and go a long way to giving your guests those extra treats that make their vacation even more fun.

What are some investments you’ve made in your rental property that add luxurious touches your guests appreciate? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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