5 Reasons Why You Should Book Direct with Property Managers and Owners for Your Next Vacation

5 Benefits to Book Direct Your Next Vacation

One of the most important parts of planning a vacation is finding the perfect place to stay for your trip. If your first thought is to get a vacation rental rather than a simple hotel room, you’re on the right track! Clearly, you value having some extra space and all the comforts of home when you’re on vacation. But if your next step is to start looking at one of the many popular booking sites for reserving vacation rentals, maybe think again. You’re actually going to see more benefits when you book directly through the property owner or his/her manager. Here’s a look at some of the advantages to booking direct.

You’ll Save on Service Fees

As you’re browsing vacation rentals on one of the popular apps or websites for vacation rentals, you find a great property that’s right in your budget. But then as you’re about to check out, you notice one fee…and then another fee…and before you know it, the property is out of your budget! Sound familiar? We know. It’s not fun to have to start over on your search because service fees put your dream vacation over budget. That’s why we advise that you book directly through the property owner or manager. You’ll find that the fees are much more straightforward so you know right away what you can afford, and you’ll be able to get more house for your money when you don’t have to waste your funds on pointless fees!

Skip the Middle Man and Make Simple Changes When Necessary

If you’ve ever booked through the typical vacation rental site, you know that making changes to your reservation can be a nightmare. Maybe you just need to add another night, or you want to specify that you’ll be arriving late. Well, it’s probably going to take several emails and phone calls to relay the message, and even then, there’s no guarantee the property manager will ever get it. But when you’re dealing directly with the owner or manager, all it takes is one email or phone call to reach him or her to make any changes. This leaves you with more time to plan the rest of your vacation!

You’ll Find Hidden Gems with Booking Direct

Here’s something you might not know: not all vacation rentals are listed on the major booking sites. That means if you’ve been using those sites for reservations, all this time you’ve probably been missing out on some great properties. So the next time you’re having trouble finding that elusive three-bedroom, three-bathroom house with a hot tub, make sure you check sites that let you book directly with property owners because you just might find that perfect spot with an even more perfect rate.

You Can Get Some Upgrades by Booking Through Owners

When you book direct, you’re dealing with real owners and managers, not just screens and algorithms. Those property managers and owners are more likely to have some flexibility to get you the amenities you want. Requesting through a system in which you have limited contact with the manager means it’s harder and more time consuming to get the extras you’re hoping for. So make your booking process simpler and more rewarding by going through the owner or manager.

Get Localized Information Before Your Trip

When you book through the typical system, you don’t get personalized information on the city you’ll be staying in. You might get some general facts that anyone can look up online, but you won’t quickly learn what the best coffee shops are or which bar has the best pours for drinks. If you’re looking for a personal touch and lots of firsthand knowledge on the area from locals, you’ll want to book directly through the owner or property manager and truly live like the locals.

Ready to find the best vacation rental for your upcoming trip? Try booking through property managers and owners to get all these benefits as you plan your vacation!

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Warning the sound isn’t great and the video doesn’t work exactly right when people are talking but the content is great. We got together at Bookfull and talked about the benefits of guests and travelers booking their vacation rentals and short-term rentals directly with property managers and owners. We brought together a group of industry professionals and travelers to talk about our advice and experiences with booking direct for vacation rentals. This discussion brings up a lot of good points and ideas for property managers and owners can use to educate the industry on the benefits of #bookdirect. We cover topics like saving money, making simple changes, finding hidden gems, negotiating extra perks and getting the best local recommendations.

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