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When it comes to owning and managing a successful vacation rental, owners must walk the line between finding ways to make processes quick and simple and finding ways to personalize the experience. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the great benefits of home automation for vacation rentals along with some key areas that automation can be used in your properties!

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation makes it easy for owners to more efficiently manage certain aspects of the home, such as door locks, temperature controls and sometimes even lighting. This includes virtually anything that an owner can control remotely that affects the rental property.

Most of the time, automated features can be monitored and controlled on a dashboard that you have constant access to. Innovative systems can send you specific alerts, such as when someone has entered the house or when the temperature has been tampered with. Savvy vacation home owners are always looking for ways to save money while still providing a five-star experience for guests. Home automation for vacation rentals can do both!

Door Locks

The most common automation feature is digital door locks. While some owners are still using the “key under the mat” method, more and more are focused on safety and convenience, turning to automatic door locks. Keyless entry is great for both you and your guests, because:

  • It allows guests to come and go as they please without worrying about who has the key
  • A unique key code for each guest is easy to remember and can make guests feel safer. Plus, the codes can be automatically generated, so the owner doesn’t have to worry about setting them
  • Automatic locks eliminate the need for you or your guests to worry about whether or not you locked the door
  • Prevents guests from making physical copies of your keys
  • The owner can lock (or unlock) the door remotely to ensure security and prevent lockouts—without having to drive down to the property

Temperature Control

During the summer, guests can get a little crazy with the temperature controls in rental houses. Sometimes this leads to freezing the pipes and the AC shutting down altogether—not to mention increased utility costs.

Temperature automation tools like Nest smart thermostat reduce this risk while offering owners quick monitoring of the temperature in their home. Every homeowner has had the call from an angry guest that the house is way too hot. Imagine being able to monitor and control the temperature settings remotely! You can use these kinds of systems to ensure the A/C is functioning properly as well, so unnecessary maintenance calls can be avoided. Keep your guests happy and your utility costs in check.

Air Quality Monitoring

There’s nothing worse than walking through a home after a guest has left and being knocked down by the smell of smoke in the home. Most vacation rentals require guests to smoke outside and have a strict policy about it. Devices that monitor the air quality of the home can alert owners when there is cigarette smoke in the air, and they can also keep track of carbon dioxide and elevated humidity. These devices can help you ensure the safety of your guests while making sure that your house rules are being followed.


Security is always a top concern for vacation rental owners. From motion sensors to security cameras, automated systems that keep your property and guests safe are a must for many modern vacation rentals.

Because there are so many options for home security, you can find a combination of devices that make the most sense for your rental. Having video surveillance of who comes in and out of your rental is priceless, offering a sense of security for both you and your guests. Some high-tech security systems can even tell the difference between a car, dog, or person passing by your house—preventing you from getting late night false alarms about dogs or small wildlife passing by. Of course, one of the perks of these types of home automation systems is that they can be controlled and accessed from anywhere!

More Benefits Of Home Automation

Incorporating home automation features into your vacation rental is beneficial in many ways:

  • Convenience for the owner is the number one benefit, as it allows you to monitor and control your vacation rental from anywhere. It reduces emergency trips to the home to check lights, temps or locks, since you can do it right from your phone!
  • Cost management is another added benefit of home automation. Being able to control the temperature and lights in the home can save owners a significant amount of money on utilities.
  • Convenience for the guests is another added benefit. The modern family is used to having things streamlined and efficient. Easy access in and out of the house is a major plus, and many home automation features simply make the stay more comfortable.
  • Control is another benefit, as it gives owners the ability to control aspects of the home and know the status of their home at all times.

The list of benefits goes on and on! Vacation rental owners across the country are shifting toward automated devices in their rentals, and there are more great things to come!

Other Home Automation Devices To Consider

Home automation is meant to save owners money and make life easier for everyone involved. While keyless entry and remote-controlled thermostats are becoming the norm in many vacation rentals, other high-tech features may be a great way to make your property stand out:

  • Smart refrigerators can allow you to see what’s inside from your cell phone
  • Doorbell cameras can offer remote video surveillance
  • Smart showers can conserve water

Many of these products are already on the market and popular in both residential and short-term rental homes. Home automation takes care of a variety of issues within the property so you can focus on being intentional with guests and personalizing their experience.

Bottom line? Automated features in a rental make it easier to provide a great experience for your guests while managing costs on your end and offering you peace of mind. Let us know what devices you’re using and what you love about them!

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