Creative Vacation Home Guest Book Ideas

Creative Vacation Home Guest Book Ideas | Bookfull

As a vacation homeowner, it’s always nice to hear the feedback from guests who have enjoyed their time in your home. Many owners like to leave a guestbook in the house for guests to sign and record comments about their trip. While a traditional guest book is great, some owners may want to step out of the box and find creative ways to hear about their guests’ experiences. Here are some creative vacation home guest book ideas to engage your visitors.


One fun way to document your guests’ adventures is through pictures instead of words. Leave a Polaroid camera at the house and invite your guests to snap a family picture during their stay. Provide a photo album for the family to slide their pictures into, and ask them to leave a comment about their favorite part of the trip. Polaroid film isn’t cheap, so request that your guests take one excellent picture to sum up their vacation.  This can be a way to engage current guests as they try to come up with the perfect photo and flip through all of the photos from previous visitors.


In your “before you arrive” correspondence, ask your guests to bring postcards from the town in which they live. Have them fill out their vacation experience on the postcard and leave it behind in a designated basket. It’s a great way for you to see where all of the families have come from and adds a personal touch. Leave a few generic postcards in the home for guests to fill out if they didn’t bring one from home. You could even put all of the postcards up on display in the home!

Global Guestbooks

If people from all over the world visit your property, this creative guestbook idea might be right for you! Buy a globe or big world map and keep it centrally located in the home. Give your guests a few sharpies and encourage them to sign their names close to the place that they are from. This makes for a neat guest book alternative, and it serves as art for the home as well! This is a popular option for weddings but can be used as your vacation rental book too.

Pin It Up

Leave a few blank notecards and some fun push-pins in the home and allow guests to leave comments on a bulletin board. Guests can be as simple or creative as they want, and it makes for a fun focal point in the home. Guests can read comments from others and leave their own personal touch! When the board gets full, take some down and make room for new notes.

Classic Journal—With Prompts

Keeping a traditional journal or guest book in the home is always a great way to capture the details and comments of families who come through. To make it a little more fun, create a book with prompts or questions that will encourage guests to give details about their trip. Ask questions about their favorite room in the home or the best memory they have in the home. This is an easy, inexpensive and user-friendly way to document visits. It also creates a book of memories and positive comments rather than just a list of signatures.

Go With A Theme

Think about the theme or location of your home and consider a vacation rental guest book alternative that revolves around that theme. Maybe you have a house on the water: you could encourage guests to write their favorite memory and leave it in a glass bottle, like a “message in a bottle”. Guests in a lake house could write their names on a boat paddle that is displayed somewhere in the home. A vacation home in the mountains could have guests find rocks in the area, write their names on them and leave them in a jar somewhere in the home. Finding a way to tie the theme of the home to the guest book is a fun and creative way to hear from guests!

Make It Digital

In a world of touch screens, smartphones and apps, a digital guest book is a high-tech way to cater to the modern family and get their vacation experiences all at the same time. Plus, something like this can be great to share online, showing potential guests the good times that others had at your property! Put a tablet in the home and create a way for guests to leave their feedback that way. Or, if you’re extra techy, design an app that they can download right from their phone. There are many ways you can digitize your guest book so it’s user-friendly and keeps all of the information your guests leave in one place.

Something To Remember

Guest books can be as simple as a place where people leave their name, date of visit and where they’re from. Or they can be used as an opportunity for guests to give detailed feedback about their stay. Guests appreciate it when you go the extra mile to create a memorable experience for them, and these creative ideas will definitely give them something to go home and tell their friends and family about!

Share Your Ideas! 

Have you done anything really creative with your guest books? Tell us about it! We’d love to hear from you!

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