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Chances are, you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, putting emails together. Done correctly, email marketing can work wonders for lead generation and building a happy customer base. Done incorrectly, however, it can turn into an overwhelming task that decreases productivity throughout the office. Of course, as a property manager, email is often your main form of communication between guests and other relevant parties. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t stress—check out these vacation rental email tips for marketing and productivity!

Email Marketing For Vacation Rentals

From generating leads to managing bookings and requesting reviews, email can be a powerful tool for your vacation rental business. Here are some key vacation rental email marketing tips to help you make the most impact.

Use Images

Images are vital when marketing your vacation rental. Nothing inspires a guest to hit “book now” more than a gorgeous photo of your property. Make sure your email campaigns have bright, clear images of the best parts of your home. The key is to balance the copy and imagery so that the message is clear and exciting. If you go overboard, your email may find its way into the recipient’s spam box.

Get Personal

People can tell when they’re getting a cookie cutter newsletter that you’ve sent out before. Put some personality into your email marketing by sharing a photo, a story or personal experience that guests can relate to. Even addressing the recipient by name can go a long way to make an email feel more personal.

Be Honest

If you’re planning on sending emails out regularly, let the recipients know this when they sign up. Flooding inboxes with dozens of emails is a great way to get ignored and then marked as junk. Tell people how often you’ll be sending out deals, promotions, and updates—and stick to it. Make it easy for people to get off of the mailing list if they want to. The only thing more annoying about receiving too many unwanted emails is needing to complete a 20 step process to make it stop.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

The people who sign up for your email list aren’t the only ones who need to see it. Sharing your newsletters and promotional emails on social media will help you reach more people. Encourage your followers to like and share the newsletters with their friends to broaden your audience. Sharing on social media also allows you to engage in conversation with potential guests, ask questions and make new connections.

Communicating With Guests Via Email

Of course, property managers also use email on a daily basis for more than marketing. It’s often one of the most preferred ways for communicating property and booking details with guests.

Be Mobile Friendly

Most of your guests will probably read and respond to your emails on their phones. Make sure your emails and website are mobile-friendly so your guests have no issues reading on their smartphones. Send a test before you send it out and see what it looks like on your phone so you can make changes to the template if needed.

Stick To The Point

Because so many guests will be viewing your message when they’re on the go, it’s important your email gets right to the point—and preferably only one point. Instead of cramming the email with 100 different things for your guest to do, focus on one main message and get to the point.

Follow Email Etiquette Best Practices

In the vacation rental industry, communication is key. Connecting and engaging with guests is critical to running your business smoothly. When you’re using email to communicate with guests, consider a few of these email etiquette guidelines:

  • Have a clear subject line. “Hey!” doesn’t tell the reader anything about what they can expect to read, and it won’t help them locate the email later if they need to search for it. Try short clear headlines like “Directions To The House” or “[Address] Booking Forms”.
  • Use a professional signature. This helps the reader understand who the email is coming from. Include all of your contact info so they can get in touch if needed.
  • Proofread. A quick read over your work takes very little time and can make a big difference in the sound and message of your email.
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS. All caps implies that you’re yelling. Also, try to back off of the exclamation points or shorthand (LOL) in professional emails.
  • Don’t respond to emails when you’re mad. But still respond. Take a few hours (or a day, but no longer) to respond to negative reviews or an unhappy guest in a way that is calm, professional and fair.

Email Tips For Productivity

Your job is to make vacation dreams come true, not spend all day clicking away at the computer. Don’t get lost in an inbox black hole. Use your time checking and responding to emails wisely so you can be productive in other areas of your business. We hope this advice helps you find ways to make your email process more efficient.

Managing Your Inbox

If merely seeing the number of unopened emails gives you anxiety, do what you need to cut out unnecessary emails. Unsubscribe from websites that flood your inbox with specials and reminders, or figure out how to stop getting certain updates sent to your email. This can cut down on the number of messages in your inbox and help to make it seem more manageable. Another option is to set up categories and filters for similar types of messages (or senders). Divvying up emails from your main inbox can help to create more digestible feeds.

Set A Timer

You could spend all day checking, sending, and writing emails. But don’t. Constantly checking the status of your email cuts down on office productivity significantly. Give yourself a certain amount of time in the morning to tackle your inbox. Read/respond to urgent emails first and move your way down in order of priority. When your timer goes off, move on to other office responsibilities and don’t go back to your inbox “just to check”. You’ll can get a lot done this way and be more focused on other tasks at hand. Designate a second window of time in the afternoon, maybe when you are feeling less energized, to respond to the remaining emails.

Know When Not To Send

If you find yourself writing more than a few paragraphs, it may be information that is better relayed in person or over the phone. People are busy and don’t have time for lengthy emails, so if you can’t keep it brief, consider getting the message across in a different way.

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