10 Ways Vacation Rental Calendar Software Makes Your Life Easy: Become A Mean, Green Bookings Machine

10 Ways Vacation Rental Calendar Software Makes Your Life Easy

Every property owner runs their vacation rental business differently. But there is one vital tool that a vacation rental business cannot run without: the calendar. The timing and organization of check-ins and check-outs are necessary for a property to run smoothly. Attempting to manage your vacation rental calendar alongside your personal calendar will only result in conflicts, double bookings, forgotten reservations and unhappy guests. Try a comprehensive vacation rental calendar software to help you stay focused and organized while ensuring your guests get the experience they deserve. Still not convinced? Here are ten ways vacation rental calendar software can make your life easier.

1. Sync With Online Reservation Sites

If you are like most homeowners, you have your vacation rental listed on a variety of different reservation sites. Managing each site can seem like a full-time job. And keeping up with the changes in availability can be time-consuming. You lead a hectic life, and you don’t have time to update every calendar on every reservation site. Sooner or later, there will be a mix-up that causes you to lose a booking or double book. Look for vacation rental calendar software that syncs all of your online reservations channels. With the right tools, you can make an update once and have it populate everywhere—including your calendar—automatically. That means you can spend time connecting with guests instead of comparing schedules all day.

2. Make Updates One Time

Bookings are great. Adding the booking information to multiple websites over and over again? Not so great. With modern calendar software, you can make an update to a home or calendar once and move on. Get the life you want!

3. Eliminate Double Bookings

If you’ve never experienced the gut-wrenching realization that you’ve accidentally double-booked your vacation home, consider yourself lucky. Delivering heartbreaking news to a guest that the home they fell in love with is now unavailable is horrible. For them, you, and your business—a disgruntled guest could easily leave a poor review. Vacation rental calendar software can help prevent this by keeping all of your check-in dates and check-out dates clear and organized.

4. Automate Communications

Communicating with guests is a huge part of this business. Guests love to receive confirmation and updates about their vacation. It makes them feel both confident in their decision to book with you and excited about their trip. But you don’t have to spend all of your time keeping connected—at least, not anymore. Using vacation rental software that automatically sends payment reminders, booking confirmations, directions and last-minute details can take a lot off of your plate. Continue to provide great open communication while saving time and energy on your end!

5. Manage Your Bookings From One Location

Many vacation rental owners manage their vacation rentals along with all of the other responsibilities in their day. They check calendars, send booking forms and respond to emails while they go about their typical day. Because you’re always on the go, you’re likely reliant on your mobile device or laptop. Having all of the information you need in one place is essential. Only having to check a single location to get all the details about a property means less time navigating multiple websites and more time checking things off of your “to-do” list during the day.

6. Pull Quick Reports

Want to know how many days your home has been occupied this month? Want to compare this year to last year? A quick click on your software dashboard can pull up all of the information you need for an in-depth analysis of your property. Get informed, and make smart decisions.

7. Keep Your Team On The Same Page

Bad things happen when a team doesn’t communicate. A guest who hears conflicting information about the price or availability of a home may think the company is unprofessional or not trustworthy. When the whole team knows how to use and update the calendar properly, everything runs much smoother. Likewise, when everyone is using the same calendar, you can prevent common conflicts or misunderstandings. For instance, maintenance won’t pop in on guests if they can check the calendar and see that is it occupied. The housekeeping team will know when to have a house ready before the next guest arrives, and you can manage bookings smoothly knowing exactly when you have vacancies and when you don’t.

8. Manage Single Properties Or Portfolios With Ease

Every property is as unique as the family that spends their vacation there. That’s why it’s important to make sure the information about each property is up-to-date. Whether you’re managing a single property or a robust portfolio, the right tools can help you get the job done with ease.

9. Simplify Booking Variations

No two reservations are the same, which is why it’s important to keep track of them all on a calendar. Many property owners, for example, have date and price restrictions for peak seasons like Christmas and Spring Break. And they’re generally a little more flexible in the off-season. Vacation rental calendar software can help you manage long-term bookings, seasonal rates, and special promotions all in one place. Some software providers can even provide tools to help you gain insight into best vacation rental pricing practices for your area. Stay competitive, get more bookings and make more money!

10. Get Your Time Back

Managing a vacation rental is about earning a steady stream of passive income while continuing to live the life you love. Owning a vacation rental should be a fun and profitable experience that doesn’t take you away from everyday life. Vacation rental calendar software to help keep dates, houses, and guests organized so that you can spend time with your family and the other things you enjoy.

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